FCM Issue 56 – Review – Bobby

Bobby is a physics-based space adventure developed by Nooskewl Games. Your goal is to maneuver Bobby the Bullet throughout each level to knock the green balls into the red spiral. Once you eliminate all of the balls, the red portal turns green, inviting you to warp to the next zone. You are awarded stars after completing each level, and are graded on how quickly you complete them.

The controls are quite simple – change directions with the arrow keys, and propel Bobby using the space bar. Although the game mechanics are simple, the real challenge lies in the precision and timing. One over-zealous push of the space bar will send him flying into the portal, thus restarting the level if the green balls aren’t cleared yet!

Aesthetically, Bobby is fun and vivid with plenty of arcade nostalgia. The graphics are clear and smooth, and there were no noticeable glitches or frame rate issues when tested on Oneiric 11.10. The music and sound effects are also of good quality, and set the mood for a nice session of classic gaming. The premise is simple – knock the green balls into the portal to advance to the next stage. But the simplicity of the game is what makes it so charming and addicting.

You can download a free demo from Nooskewl’s website, or purchase all 75 levels at https://www.nooskewl.com/buy_bobby.html for only $0.99. Bobby is also available for purchase in the Ubuntu Software Center.


  • fun and addictive
  • soundtrack


  • can be frustrating
  • some over-sensitive controls


Full Circle Magazine Issue 56 – December 2011


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