FCM Issue 57 – Review – Jamestown

Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony is the knockout debut from Final Form Games. This top-down shooter takes what we all know and love from classic shooters and gives it a refresh – with imaginative storytelling and amazing graphics. The solid gameplay is the cherry on top that makes this recent Humble Indie Bundle feature a great addition to any gamer’s collection.

Jamestown takes place in the 17th century as the British battle for survival on colonial Mars. You begin your journey as an escaped convict from the Tower of London en route to the Lost Colony of Roanoke. Your mission is to clear your name by way of heroic deeds, which leads you to the Eastern Frontier – where John Smith helps to defend the colony from the allied Spanish/Martian troops.

There are four ships available – Beam, Gunner, Charge, and Bomber. Your first ship is the basic, yet still capable, Beam. On the keyboard, Z is the main attack and X is the special attack. In this case, a beam can quickly eliminate larger and stronger enemies compared to the standard Z attack. Enemies that are killed drop gold coins – which help fill your vaunt meter, which activates a shield for a short period of time and is quite helpful when there is an incoming barrage of enemies. The vaunt, which is activated by pressing the space bar, also gives you a bonus that boosts that level’s star rating.

After completing a level, there is an in-depth breakdown of your performance such as enemies destroyed and highest combo. After a few stages of battle, you can head to the shop and spend that hard earned gold to unlock items like ships, challenge packs, and various game modes. Overall, the controls and gameplay are very solid and smooth; there were no noticeable glitches or bugs, and the controls were comfortable on both mouse and keyboard.

The graphics and soundtrack are an integral part of most games, but Final Form did an impeccable job with the quality of the stage design, music, and sound effects. The detail and care put into the lush pixel environments give it a polished look, and Chilean composer Francisco Cerda created a beautiful soundtrack to complement it. These elements are what really set Jamestown apart from other top-down shooters on the market today.

Overall, Jamestown is a ton of fun to play, especially with a couple of friends in co-op mode. The shop items and challenge packs add to the replay value, and the graphics and soundtrack enhance the experience of this classic shooter with a twist. Jamestown is available for $9.99 at http://www.finalformgames.com/jamestown/.


  • quality graphics/sound
  • replay value
  • innovative story


  • none 


Full Circle Magazine Issue 57 – January 2012


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