Opinion – Indie Market Crash

Somehow I managed to miss Mr. Hyeron’s post about the great crash of 2013, but damn is it a good read. For the others like myself that mainly grew up in the 90’s, the history lesson here makes you realize that things WEREN’T always better “back in the day.”

And now here we are, in the midst of an indie revolution of sorts. The term indie has been gaining popularity with all forms of media in the past few years. Indie music, indie film, indie games… People began to realize that the big names aren’t always better, and behold! Indiemania is upon us.

But the over-saturation of the independent game sector has left us looking to rebuild. Luckily there have been some really innovative games recently that are getting the support they deserve. And as he mentioned, the Humble Indie Bundle is awesome. But what the guys at Indie Underdog Pack are doing can really help devs keep the indie market from getting stagnant, much like the crash of ’83.


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