Will you join the Ouya Revolution?

For the past few months there have been plenty of high profile Kickstarters. Some have been hoaxes, some have turned out to be pretty awesome, and others have flopped. One of the latest campaigns to make a big splash is the open source game console called Ouya. Ouya promises a new kind of video game console experience – one that is innovative, inexpensive, and developer friendly.

The console, set for a launch price of just $99, runs on Android and is designed to be a powerful device that also features a slick interface and design. Ouya’s creators want change the console experience for the developers too, eliminating licensing fees and offering more freedom in terms of overall game development. But of course what about the actual games? The idea is to utilize the free-to-play format, guaranteeing that all games will at least be free to try with the option of purchasing an upgrade or subscription.

Despite raising just over $4 million in a matter of days, there are quite a few folks that have their doubts. There is the argument that the continued rise of mobile gaming will hinder the new system right off the bat. Some members of the gaming community are skeptical about the system’s performance. Although parts of the interface resemble Xbox’s new look, Ouya’s specs are definitely more modest in comparison. Others simply think the company is in over their head and expect the console to be dead on arrival.

So what do you think – are you buying or selling this new console revolution?


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