XBLIG Review: Sushi Castle

Title: Sushi Castle
Genre: Action
Release Date: July 12, 2012
Developer: Milkstone Studios
Price: 80 MSP
Rating: Violence=3/3, Sex=2/3, Mature Content=2/3

Sushi Castle is a Binding of Isaac clone, so naturally they share a lot of characteristics. Both have outrageous enemies, plenty of blood, and draw heavily from games like The Legend of Zelda. But Milkstone Studios admittedly wanted to take what they liked about BoI and put it in their own style, and they did it well. It’s shorter, cheaper, and more accessible to a wider audience given its toned down nature. That said, there are still some gross and disturbing elements that you’ll also find in Binding of Isaac.

The dual stick controls are simple and smooth for the most part, but I did find the movement a bit sluggish at times. Certain battles felt a little imbalanced because of this, as it was futile to try and outrun projectiles. The upgrades found throughout the game not only crucial when it comes to solving puzzles, but are also really helpful when trying to beat large groups of enemies. And there are a plethora of weapons and upgrades like sushi rolls, smoke bombs, and tofu guns to help you defeat the flying ninjas and hordes of zombies.

The graphics are really nice, especially the gorgeous intro with the Okami-esque backdrop. As you go through the levels you can’t help but think of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Doors will lock on you until you defeat all of the enemies, and a visit to the shop will take you back to the days of spending those hard earned rupees. The soundtrack is what you might expect from this game, with lots of Asian chiptune flair. The music is slightly eerie as you go along but appropriately kicks up a few notches when you reach a boss battle.

Overall, Sushi Castle is more of an expansion on the general idea behind Binding of Isaac with an Asian twist. It’s perfect for those who have already played it and want a similar experience, or fans of old dungeon crawlers that are looking for something familiar only done in a new school way. It can be a tad bloody and gross at times, but the fluid game play and charming graphics offset all of the bloodshed and belching sumo wrestlers.


Short & Sweet Reviews – 7/23/2012


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